The Best Jobs in Coding in 2022

What’s up, you lovely people? It’s me, Nicole Young, and I have another video for you. In today’s video, I’ll talk about some of the most popular specialties.

that you can get into as you learn to code and improve your skills. Since there are so many specialisations and branches of coding and tech, I couldn’t make a video about each one.

In this article, I’m mostly going to talk about the ones that are very popular right now.

Even more so if you can get them through boot camps, online courses, and classes.

So, for those of us who don’t learn in the traditional way, these are definitely ones that are easy to find and use.

And before I start talking about today’s video, I’d like to thank Brandi.

Brandi asked for this topic, and I think it’s a great idea for a video, so I’m happy to share it with you all. Shout out to Brandi for asking for it!


Web developer

Alright let’s get started. So, the first is building websites.

I think this is by far the most common one because most of you know that 12-week coding boot camps and other similar programmes focus on web development. With this, you would be designing and making websites, making sure they work well, making sure you can add certain features to them, and making sure they look great.

So that people want to interact with them, this is definitely one that could be very profitable, and I think it’s a good one to get into when you’re just starting out because there’s not much standing in your way.


App developer

Next is mobile development, which is similar to web development in that you build apps for mobile devices. This can be a little more complicated and take a little more time because you are building for devices that vary in size more than you would for web design and things like desktops and laptops. Mobile developers are becoming more popular and needed because our world is slowly becoming more mobile.

People are watching more content on their phones and iPads than on their stationary devices, so this is a growing trend that will only keep growing.

Software engineer

So the next thing is a software engineer. When I first started coding, I used the terms “web development” and “software engineering” interchangeably, but they couldn’t be more different. As a software engineer, you create applications, programmes, and actual software. You also help programme computers, so it’s a bit more involved than what a web designer does, but it’s still a job you can get.

UX/UI Design

Next is design, which is also growing quickly because people are realising that if websites, online products, and apps aren’t well-designed, people won’t want to use them. UX design and UI design are the two main ways to go in design.

UX stands for user experience design and UI stands for user interface design.

User experience design is the process of making sure that a website, app, or programme is set up to give a customer or user the best experience possible. User interface design is the job of the person who makes the website, app, or programme look nice.


So the next one is data science, which is booming right now, growing, and getting bigger and bigger. I’m not going to pretend to know everything that a data scientist does, but I do know that data scientists are the ones who have made all of the big advances we’ve had in the last ten years or so.

So, the artificial intelligence we use on our phones and websites and the algorithms in our social media platforms are all things that data scientists have come up with and made.

So “data science” is a more general term that includes a lot of different processes that really push the limits and try to find answers to problems.

As a data scientist, you could be doing anything from working in computer science to doing predictive analysis on things that haven’t even been figured out yet.

Data scientists work with big data sets, work with machines on machine learning and computer vision, and work with artificial intelligence. This is a very complicated job.

I guess, and like I said, I don’t fully understand it, but it’s a world I’m trying to learn more about by reading about it and staying up to date, because data science is the way of the future.

It is the area of technology that is literally ahead of the rest.

You will be at the forefront of where technology takes us as a society next, and I think that’s pretty cool. So that’s definitely why I’m really interested in it and looking for ways to learn more about it.

It is a lot, but it is for the best. So the last thing is something that is definitely a part of data science.


The next part of data science is data analytics. As a data analyst, you would basically run tests on datasets to find specific problems.

Many of the people I know who are data analysts or the examples I’ve seen are people who work in companies or businesses and help run data to make predictions, answer questions, and help businesses make better decisions for the future. This is definitely something that is really important, really needed, pretty practical, and easy to get into as well. And that’s the list I’m giving you.

Wrapping Up

If you are in a field that I haven’t talked about or are interested in a field that I haven’t talked about, please let me know in the comments below. You never know, there might be others out there that could help other people who are doing research and trying to find the right career path for them. It really helps me out. But until then, guys, I love you and I’ll see you in the next one.

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